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Discover a new level of dental care, where our fluorescence dental detectors bridge the gap between you and your patient. Embrace preventive dentistry with shared insights, trust, and comprehensive care.

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Swati, 37 years old female patient, visited for regular cleaning and comprehensive checkup.

You can rely on visual and tactile examination, and patient feedback.

You can use the fluorescence-based LinkDens-QC to detect suspicious lesions on a patient’s tooth surfaces, and show the red- and white-colored fluorescence images to patient, highlighting areas of plaque accumulation and explaining the importance of proper oral hygiene practices. This visual aid enhances patient understanding and motivates them to improve their oral care routine.

About the Biofluorescence Detection Technology

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About the behavior science behind the technology

LinkDens-QP Product Image

Easily Capture Fluorescence and Macro Images of a Tooth with a Single Click

Efficiently Assess Entire Dental Arches with Quick Fluorescence Screenings

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LinkDens-QP Product Image

This incredibly lightweight and convenient device introduces advanced Fluorescence Technology, previously exclusive to research labs and dental clinics, right into the comfort of your own home.

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