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Scenario #3.
ProductElevating Dental Imaging

ㅇ FDA registered Class 1 Medical Device
ㅇ CE certified under MDR 2017/745: Class I

Experience the LINKDENS QP’s seamless functionality with a simple click. This remarkable device effortlessly captures both fluorescent and high-resolution images of specific teeth. This allows for precise identification of dental plaques, concealed defects, and worn-out areas that often elude conventional detection methods.

The LINKDENS QP’s advanced technology plays a pivotal role in early detection and preventive care for potential dental concerns. By providing clear insights, it empowers dental professionals to address issues proactively, ensuring optimal oral health outcomes.

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Streamlined with integral LED lights, easily selectable with a click, and a cutting-edge autofocus system.

Unleashing the power of the most meticulously researched fluorescence imaging technology.

Our care and empowerment philosophy resonates with patients who crave something truly remarkable.

Embark on a journey of anxiety-free, next-level preventive dental care.

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Hidden dental problems detected within a click of AIOBIO check-up

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1. Seamless Setup
Unveiling the LINKDENS QP’s potential is a breeze. Your package includes a 16-foot USB 2.0 cable equipped with data, power, and USB connectors for effortless connectivity. Attach the data connector securely to the base of the LINKDENS QP’s handpiece, while the USB connector easily slots into your computer’s USB port. Ensure consistent power by linking the power connector to the provided adapter. For optimum results, firmly connect the USB cable to both the camera and your computer, favoring rear USB ports when possible.

2. Initiate Imaging Software
Launch the imaging software to get started.

3. Protect with Care
Employ the protective sleeve to ensure the safeguarding of patients, clinicians, and equipment against contamination.

4. Customize LED Settings
Long-press the Mode button for 3 seconds to enter LED selection mode. Briefly press the Capture button to toggle between LED light options: white light, blue light, or alternating white and blue light. Adjust LED brightness (levels 1 to 3) with a brief press of the Power button. Confirm your LED light or brightness choice by long-pressing the Mode button for 3 seconds.

5. Target the Area
Position the camera over the area you intend to examine. Instant real-time video is displayed on your monitor.

6. Capture with Confidence
When ready, press the Capture button on the handpiece to freeze a video image. The still image promptly appears on your monitor.

7. Completing the Process
Once image acquisition wraps up, discard the protective sleeve for a job well done.

Effortless, clear, and efficient —
The LINKDENS QP guides your dental journey with precision and ease.

One of the most efficient methods for holding the LINKDENS QP with one hand while operating the buttons is as follows:

For maxillary teeth photography, rest your middle finger on the button.

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When capturing mandibular teeth, employ your thumb to press the button.

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