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ProductYour At-Home Oral Health Care Companion for Enhanced Wellness

Leveraging the harmonious fusion of safe blue LED illumination and an ingeniously crafted yellow filter, the Qscan Plus unveils potentially harmful plague formations by rendering them in a vivid red hue upon teeth and gum lines. Through the technique of microbial autofluorescence, this remarkable device readily exposes mature biofilm that has matured over a span of three days.

The discernible red indicators pinpoint areas where mature biofilm has progressively accumulated. Recognizing that conventional brushing may not effectively mitigate this concern, engaging a dental professional is advisable for personalized guidance and intervention.

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In conjunction with an excellent toothbrush and toothpaste regimen, the Qscan Plus presents an innovative solution for assessing the effectiveness of your oral hygiene practices—both interdentally and along the gum line—post brushing. For those utilizing whitening toothpastes, the Qscan Plus offers a means to gauge the reduction of new stains with precision.

When employed alongside dental floss or a water-powered flossing apparatus, the Qscan Plus serves as a valuable aid in optimizing dental plaque elimination efficacy. Its capabilities extend to meticulously evaluating hygiene around braces and undertaking thorough cleansing within confined spaces.

It’s imperative to note that while the Qscan Plus does not bear the classification of a medical instrument, it indeed qualifies as a CE Mark obtained wellness device. As a holistic wellness product, its principal function lies in empowering you to diligently monitor your oral hygiene endeavors. Should the persistent presence of red discolorations elude your brushing efforts, we strongly advocate seeking consultation from a duly qualified dental expert.

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