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Dental Practice 3.0

We have meticulously developed and consistently refined our proprietary Dental Health Data (DHD) expert training and certification programs tailored for dental professionals, with a special focus on dental hygienists and assistants. These skilled practitioners play a pivotal role in clinical environments, seamlessly orchestrating workflows, engaging patients through meaningful dialogues, and meticulously curating invaluable clinical data.

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Proficient in operating fluorescence-based devices, certified DHD Managers gather patient data during dental visits using various diagnostic devices, including AIOBIO’s fluorescence-based dental cameras. This data is then integrated onto the LinkDens platform, allowing for quantification and effective management.

Leveraging quantified, longitudinal data, DHD Managers provide comprehensive guidance tailored to each patient’s unique oral health journey. From preventive dentistry to orthodontics and implants, they offer step-by-step explanations and personalized prevention strategies, serving as companions in routine dental hygiene.

Utilizing the collected and managed data, DHD Managers can determine patient visit cycles and create individualized treatment plans, enhancing dental management performance.

AIOBIO-affiliated dental practice management staff utilizing fluorescence-based devices can greatly benefit from our rigorous training program.

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Dental hygiene graduates looking to advance their careers will find value in acquiring the necessary license.

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Dental hygienists aspiring to expand their roles as dental health data managers will find this training ideal.

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Healthcare practitioners with a keen interest in public oral health will also find the certification program suitable.

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Are you interested in the DHD training courses and credentials?

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