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Scenario #10.
Dental Practice 3.0

Dedicated to the well-being of their patients, dentists play a pivotal role as advocates, fostering an environment of interactive dental care. This approach empowers patients, enabling them to make informed decisions about their treatments and adjustments in behavior. However, the prospect of a dental appointment can often trigger apprehension, affecting nearly 75% of individuals and leading 5-10% to avoid dental visits altogether. Building a foundation of trust and rapport between dentist and patient can significantly alleviate this unease.

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This dilemma has spurred various technological advancements in dentistry, including radiological AI and intraoral scanners. Among these innovations, Biofluorescence Detection Technology stands out due to its fundamental simplicity and tangible outcomes. Its visual results are intuitively straightforward, easily comprehensible even to individuals without dental expertise. Biofluorescence Detection Technology has earned the moniker of a Patient Decision Support System (PDSS) rather than a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), as it empowers patients to autonomously decide on treatment plans, schedules, and daily oral hygiene routines.

Here, dental health professionals, including dentists and dental hygienists, embrace their roles as genuine patient advocates. In a swiftly evolving healthcare landscape, surrounded by complex socio-political and economic dynamics, clinical practices must transcend the traditional conveyor belt approach. Instead, a holistic perspective is essential one that addresses systemic challenges and opportunities in the patient’s oral healthcare journey.

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